We are Italy’s leading manufacturer of high quality demolition tools and spare parts for hydraulic breakers of all makes: Montabert, Atlas Copco Krupp, Furukawa, Sandvik Rammer, NPK, Indeco, Socomec, Rotair …
We have extend our technical expertise to the maintenance and rebuilds of hydraulic breakers. We are distributors of attachments and quality spare parts for earth moving machines.

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Fresatrici stradali piastre vibranti - Eusiti

Cutter Heads – Road Planers – Vibrating Plate Compactors



Teste fresanti a doppio tamburo - Eusiti

Simex TF cutter heads are ideal for trenching, profiling rock and cement walls, tunneling, quarrying, demolition, dredging, finishing operations and underwater works. They are highly effective where conventional excavation systems are too weak and percussion systems have little effect. Their quiet operation allows them to be put to work near sensitive areas (residential zones, hospitals, schools, bridges and infrastructure). Especially recommended for finishing operations, where high precision, minimum disturbance and optimum aesthetic result are required.



Piastre vibranti - Eusiti

Designed to compact any surface, Simex PV vibrating plate compactors are an excellent solution for achieving a solid, even, and well compacted bottom that will never give way. Extremely precise and versatile. Possibility to mount the rotation device allows compaction in any position and in the most difficult-to-reach spots.

No routine maintenance is needed.



Fresatrici stradali autolivellanti - Eusiti

Simex PL self-levelling road planers are designed for milling deteriorated sections for later resurfacing. Designed speci cally to remove completely the deteriorated asphalt surface.
Thanks to the exclusive self-levelling system, planing depth is constant in any condition.



Escavatrici a ruota - Eusiti

Intended for excavator boom mounting, they are specially indicated for cutting and narrow trenching for fiber optics installation on hard and compact surfaces: asphalt, cement and rock. Slides parallel to the ground. Constant trenching depth. Mechanical or hydraulic adjustment of trench depth. Clean trench: the special design of outlets allows trench to be cleared efficiently at the depth programmed.